Money Manifestation Pt. 1

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I was watching the Essence empowerment talk that Oprah gave a couple of years ago.  In that speech, she shared her story of how she came to be chosen for the role in the movie, The Color Purple.  She said, “the moment I laid that thing down and gave it to God, it happened.”

What does any of that have to do with money?  Good question, and the answer is absolutely everything!  Bear with me, I will circle back to this in a bit.

The journey toward any goal, or the achievement of any accomplishment all boils down to this: manifestation power.  In other words, your ability to make your dreams reality by utilizing universal laws and understanding how to activate those laws in your favor.

Before, I take it a step further, let me be clear about my understanding in this subject matter.  I am not accepting or denying any religion, so if what I say resonates as truth to you, great.  If it does not, then disregard it, subjective comments are not necessary.

The simplest way I can help you get a hold on your money situation is by sharing practical and metaphysical knowledge that has been instrumental in transforming my experience with money.  It is how I was able to go from being totally broke to manifesting money on demand and living a life of peace and freedom.

The whole purpose of sharing my story about money is to demonstrate that there is more work than just balancing a check book, making more money, or doing the “practical” things that we do to try to achieve our money goals.

I have always believed that money is spiritual.  And, when I finally learned to deal with it from a spiritual standpoint, things began to really happen.  When I say spiritual, I am speaking of money being energy first, then tangible based on my alignment with it.  I will expound upon that a little later.

There are three areas of focus that this topic will be divided into, and keep in mind that this is only for the purpose of improving your money situation, although, it can be applied to all areas of your life.

  1. Understanding Universal Laws
  2. Adopting the Belief of Universal Laws
  3. Applying Universal Laws

Understanding Universal Laws

Just as there are laws that govern our civilization, there are laws that govern the universe.  These laws are applicable to everyone, whether you are aware or not.  There are many universal laws, the most commonly known one is “Law of Attraction”.  There are many sites on the web you can search and find info about the universal laws.

In recent years, there has been an emergence of people proclaiming conscious awakening, Oprah is one of these people.  The collective consciousness is becoming more aware of the power of manifestation or use of universal laws.  But just like a baby learns to crawl before walking, so must those who are being re-awakened to higher consciousness.  It is no different from learning any other skill you apply in life.

In the story I mentioned earlier about Oprah’s experience with manifesting her role in the movie The Color Purple, she used two Universal Laws:  the law of attraction, and the law of vibration.  In tandem, these laws manifest because you are aligned with what you believe.  Vibration is the alignment, and attraction is the catalyst for belief.

There are many books dating back to the early 18th century that describe the deep correlation between religious teachings and the universal laws as they relate to each other, and even implications of their intricate connection to the other.

Here are some of my favorite recommended reading selections from my Bookshelf: 

Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System.  This book gave a deep learning of the mechanics of manifesting power and practical use of visualization.

Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind – When I discovered this book on the shelf at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, I literally sat in the aisle for 4 hours reading it.

Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich – Bob Proctor is one of the most prolific teachers of this book because of his personal journey with it.

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich – We all know this one and I have my copy on bedside table as a reference to remind me of certain principles.

All these books demonstrate practical wisdom that can be applied to mastering life and money or finance.  However, they all revert to the idea of mind science or metaphysical ideology to live a life of deliberate design.

My intention for this podcast is to bring an expanded awareness of how metaphysical science, beliefs, and universal laws can create a greater awareness about the power of manifestation and transformation with respect to personal finance.  Along with that, practical tips and strategies that will enhance the outcome and position you for greater rewards and fulfillment.

The next post will cover the final two stages:

  1. Adopting the Belief of Universal Laws
  2. Applying Universal Laws

Until next time…

Kim The Legacy Creator,

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