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The New Year always brings with it an anticipated expectation that things will somehow be different over the next 365 days.  And, it will with one small caveat: that you don’t repeat old patterns.

“Changing your mind is easy, but changing your mindset takes a lot of hard work.”  Most people don’t want to work that hard and as a result they start the New Year off with a bang, and fizzle somewhere in the middle.

It isn’t lack of motivation or desire, but a lack of information of how to really transform your mindset to be fully equipped to receive the outcomes you have imagined for yourself.

Mindset is everything!

It is the driving force for all our efforts or lack, thereof.

How do you begin to identify if there is a mindset issue concerning money?  The simple answer is observation.  Most do not observe their behaviors, because most never think that it is them that is the cause of the effect within their own life dramas.  Whether it is concerning money or some other area of life.

Once you take an observer’s position for your life, you will notice habits that are out of sync with your core beliefs or desires.  The way to fix a mindset can be complex and requires some research on the matter.  However, to simplify this process, the easiest way to begin reprogramming yourself for success, abundance, prosperity, and overall well-being, you must observe yourself and create a new mental experience of what you want versus what you are experiencing.

Observation gives you an opportunity to self-correct your delayed progress with building a sustainable wealth legacy.

It’s easy to say to someone, “start small and build over time”.  But, the reality is, if a person is challenged with starting anywhere, they will never achieve the goal of building wealth over time.  To repair this, self-observation while spending, saving, or even talking about money will possibly reveal some hidden beliefs around money, habits you were not even aware of, or behaviors that simply don’t make sense.

A Personal Story…

To share a personal experience of this, one day I was out grocery shopping.  I had prepared a list of items and went about my normal process.  As I wandered the aisles picking up items from my list, I noticed something.  For every item on my list, I was pulling 2-3 of them off the shelf.  I stopped and asked myself, “why am I doing this?  I only wanted to buy one, but I have three in my cart?”.  I ended up putting the extras back and pondered the question all the way home.  Later, while relaxing it came to me why I bought more than I intended.  The memory traced back to childhood where mother would take us grocery shopping and she would buy multiple quantities of everything and it always was explained as “I don’t want to run out of anything…and this is just in case we don’t the money next week.”

What I realized is I was carrying my mother’s belief in scarcity and it impacted me and drove my behavior when I went grocery shopping.  When I acknowledged the behavior and corrected it, I noticed a positive impact on my grocery bill and monthly budget.

The moral of this story, ‘subconscious behavior drives our decisions’.  Observe yourself more closely and question your behavior if it is one that does not propel you to your goal.  Doing this will set you on a positive path for building your wealth legacy in 2019.


Own your money story…master your money game!

Kim The Legacy Creator™


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