Awakening the Power of Self-Worth

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Your self-worth equals your net-worth”.  I am sure many of you have at one time or another heard this statement and may have adopted it as truth.  This article may not resonate with you if you have been motivated to believe your self-worth is equal to your net-worth. 

I would challenge you to ask yourself this question, if this is your belief: “Would I be worthless, if I lost everything?”

Self-worth has nothing to do with the amount of money you make, or the material acquisitions you acquire; although it may tie in with the attainment.

Self-worth is the about the internal knowingness of your worthiness with or without an outward materialistic expression.  This may prove to be a challenging concept given the world we live in where messages of worthiness are often conveyed as being linked strongly with material possessions.  These messages bombard us visually through advertisements, social media, and societal norms.

There are so many people who have attained great wealth, prize possessions, and living what is perceived as the “dream life”.  Yet, some of these same individuals do not feel worthy, or possess a healthy level of self-love.  It is important to remember that “things are temporal”. They bring temporary happiness or satisfaction.  They are not eternal, neither are they internal.

Most of my adult life, I did not feel worthy.  However, it did not impact my ability to build a multiple six-figure business, invest in real estate, build a custom home, or accomplish any other goal.  But, where the inefficient feeling of worthiness made itself most apparent was in my inability to sustain the level of success within any of these areas.  There was a subconscious level of self-sabotage that made me feel unworthy of my accomplishments.  It played out over time, demonstrating patterns that, eventually, triggered awareness and prompted me to fix the problem.

What caused me to feel unworthy? 

When I traced the origin of this feeling back to a childhood sexual assault after which the perpetrator gave me a dime, I was able to understand my behaviors.  I was made to feel worthless from the trauma and associated money as something evil and bad.  As I grew into adulthood, my ability to generate money was not hampered, but my ability to hold on to it was.  When I generated massive amounts of money, I was subconsciously triggered to get rid of it, at all cost.

Loving and accepting myself and owning the story that led me into financial ruin, restored all that I had achieved when I did not love myself so much.  Valuing myself was non-existent when I achieved some of my highest goals.  When I began to understand that valuing and loving myself along with accepting the story of my past, I was able to not only achieve greater goals, but to also establish a new relationship to money and assigned it a purpose that would secure my lifestyle and future.

My financial downfall taught me the greatest lesson of my life:  that I am greater than the things I possess.  It took losing it all to bring that message to light. 

 Today, I know that even if I lost everything, again, I would still love me and know that I am worthy of all goodness.  That is knowing self-worth.

You are worth more than what you possess.  You are bigger and more expansive than your wildest dreams.  Realizing this will keep you from attaching to outcomes and allow you to experience the self-love within on a much deeper level.  That awareness of self-love is what defines your self-worth, because now you truly understand that there are endless possibilities that are not limited to tangible outcomes.

So, again, ask yourself, “Would I be worthless, if I lost everything?”.  If you answered NO, congratulations!  You have a healthy sense of self-worth.



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As a Financial Capability Expert with more than 25 years in the corporate and non-profit sectors, Kim Harris is a proud SBA Women in Business Champion and certified business development and cash flow consultant.  Kim provides guidance, information, and education that empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to become financially capable.  She helps her clients to identify and own their money story, so they can self-correct debilitating money habits and master their money game.

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