Dime Chronicles

Money Manifestation Pt. 1

I was watching the Essence empowerment talk that Oprah gave a couple of years ago.  In that speech, she shared her story of how she came to be chosen for the role in the movie, The Color Purple.  She said, “the moment I laid that thing down and gave it to God, it happened.” What […]

Awakening the Power of Self-Worth

“Your self-worth equals your net-worth”.  I am sure many of you have at one time or another heard this statement and may have adopted it as truth.  This article may not resonate with you if you have been motivated to believe your self-worth is equal to your net-worth.  I would challenge you to ask yourself […]

For Immediate Release

FROM A SINGLE DIME TO LIVING THE DREAM Author Sheds Light on How Domestic Violence Impacts Finances Owning your money story and knowing your value. Author, Entrepreneur, and domestic violence survivor, Kim Harris launches new book A Dime to My Name: Breaking the Silence, Healing the Brokenness, & Living the Dream – A Memoir in […]