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Mindset & Money

The New Year always brings with it an anticipated expectation that things will somehow be different over the next 365 days.  And, it will with one small caveat: that you don’t repeat old patterns. “Changing your mind is easy, but changing your mindset takes a lot of hard work.”  Most people don’t want to work […]

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Money Manifestation – Pt. 2

To continue our discussion from an earlier episode/posts, you will learn more about how to, Adopt Universal Laws Apply Universal Laws   Adopting Universal Laws In the early part of my financial recovery, I was searching for ways to mitigate my circumstances and increase my “flow”.  I was operating only from a place of what […]

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Money Manifestation Pt. 1

I was watching the Essence empowerment talk that Oprah gave a couple of years ago.  In that speech, she shared her story of how she came to be chosen for the role in the movie, The Color Purple.  She said, “the moment I laid that thing down and gave it to God, it happened.” What […]